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Thrift Shops for NOVA

Thrift Shops for NOVA is operated entirely by dedicated volunteers and supported by your generous donations. The funds we raise from sales allows us to answer an essential need, which is to promote and deliver quality community-based health care.

Helping the Community
Since 1998

In 1998, inspired by the “charity thrift shops” in England, a West Island resident along with a group of volunteers opened a Thrift Shop called “Le Coin des Trouvailles” on the main street of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. In 2004, the Sainte-Anne Volunteer Health Support Foundation was created and it has since received and sold donations of merchandise.

This gathering of more than 350 volunteers, including their Board members, has raised nearly $11,000,000 for NOVA West Island over the past 25 years. In turn, we were able to transform these funds into professional healthcare for the vulnerable people in our community.

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Thrift Shops for Nova

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Thrift Shops for Nova

Elizabeth Parker
Our Founder

In 1998 I was volunteering at the Le Petit Cafe in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.
I was also active on their board of directors. This foundation had been raising funds for the VON for fifty years.

The president announced that the VON branch in Beaconsfield was having difficulty raising funds locally and if the situation didn’t improve they would not be able to pay their nurses.

Coming from England I offered to open a Thrift Shop. Any crisis in a small community in England would automatically galvanize the ladies into action.

Volunteers Needed

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Thrift Shops for NOVA is operated entirely by our dedicated group of volunteers. We are always looking for friendly and organized individuals to join our team. To get involved, please contact any of our locations.

Thrift Shops for NOVA

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