Missing Pieces

Filling in the Blanks
Over 200 dedicated volunteers at Nova take care of the day to day operations of our five West Island thrift shops. Some are behind the scenes and are involved in the preparation, pricing and restocking of our shelves. Others attend more directly to the customers’ needs, helping them find the products they’re looking for and then checking them out at the cash.

Regardless of what we do, we are all delighted to help our customers and keep them coming back. And we’re extra delighted when we can see and hear how these wonderful clients feel about their purchases.
Just today, one happy buyer was kind enough to post on our Facebook Page that, thanks to our donors, and to us, she was able to replace some broken pieces and complete the set of dishes that she has had in her family for over 30 years.
Thank you for letting us know, P. We love to fill in the blanks.

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