Doll Ladies

Hello Dolly!
On Saturday, the first day of our May half-price sale, I was thrilled to meet N, a lovely young woman who apparently comes into our Ste. Anne boutique regularly. Since my regular shift is Friday, I had not seen her before.

N was remarkable for more than her sunny outward beauty: she arrived at the cash with a cart stuffed with seven of our beautiful dolls. Seven!
Since I price and prepare these dolls for the shelves, I have been dubbed The Doll Lady, and I was very happy to see so many of them were finding a new home.  I was also happy, imagining her daughters welcoming them into their arms and holding them close.
But then she told me that she has no children. She was buying these poupées to give away.
Beat on, my happy heart.
The circle of generosity continues.

2 thoughts on “Doll Ladies

  1. I was just wondering ..I bought a toy that I thought just needed new batteries, but when I changed them it still did not function..Can I return it or exchange it?

    1. Normally, no, all items are checked before they are put out for sale. Rarely — in some situations — we would give a credit in exchange for the item.
      What was the toy? When did you buy it? Perhaps you could go back to the store and explain the situation and the staff can offer a solution?
      Thanks for your understanding.

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