Celebrating Lifelong Learning

Using Our Brains
Do you love to learn? Of course you do. Does learning make you feel alive? Of course it does. But, … do you intentionally go out of your way to challenge and stimulate your brain cells — just for the joy of learning?

One of our dedicated volunteers does exactly that. She demonstrates her intellectual curiosity with her 18-year membership in the McGill Community For Lifelong Learning (MCLL.) Although I didn’t know this before we shared lunch last week, I was well aware that my conversations with her had always been stimulating, intelligent and enriching. This charming woman with the special twinkle in her eyes has a wealth of knowledge, and speaks on a wide variety of topics with assurance — in part because she has lived a wonderful life. But also because she is a lifelong learner at MCLL.
I hadn’t known about this program but will seriously investigate becoming a student again. It is right down my alley. You might like to check it out too.
There is a conference coming up in August that appeals to me as well. Check it out here:
Maybe I will see you there.
Now can you guess the identity of this wonderful volunteer ?

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