We Live in a Consumer Society

The Sky's the Limit
Looking Up
It’s true. And it’s so very sad that, as a society, we “need” so much, and buy so much, and throw away so much!
Many of us try to do our share and we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. In fact, we don’t really contribute to a healthy economy at all because we also Restrict, Revive, Reallocate, Reassign, Rebuild, Repurpose, etc.  Some of us are certainly not typical consumers.
And maybe we are making a bit of a difference? Maybe?
 But, still there is so much STUFF!
 Thankfully, because we live in a society with many generous donors, there can be a bit of a bright side. When you donate your valuable rejected items to Thrift Shops for Nova West Island, we can offer them for sale in our boutiques. And by selling your treasures, we raise valuable funds to provide health care to the community.
So then, when you and I DO need/want to buy something, 90% of the time we FIRST go to one of the Thrift Shops for Nova West Island boutiques! We’re smart, economy-minded shoppers. We get a fabulous selection and great prices too. And we know we are making a difference!
 Indeed, if we can’t find the items we need at a Nova Thrift Shop, they are probably computer related.
 For more, watch this informative video on The Story of Stuff http://storyofstuff.org/



4 thoughts on “We Live in a Consumer Society

  1. I shop second hand first and foremost and have done this for numerous years. My wardrobe is 95% used clothing, after all every item has been washed and worn so has been preshrunk leaving me with no worries as to how that particular article will come out of my washer! My favourite memories are of myself and my 5 sisters spending hours in second hand stores, modeling clothing before committing to any particular style. One man or woman’s trash is definitely another’s treasure!

  2. Packaging is a superfluous expense and source of trash. Sometimes I suspect that the packaging of a product is more costly than the content within. This is especially true of cosmetics, which are often just grease that has been infused with colour and fragrance. The packaging, however, is elaborate and more important to successful sales than are the contents.

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