13 Habits of Exceptionally Likeable People

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Criss Crossing Paths of Likeable People
The Thrift Shops for Nova West Island have a lot of likeable people working or shopping in their boutiques. Perhaps you are one of them?
Having recently read a very interesting article, in Forbes, entitled “13 Habits of Exceptionally Likeable People,” by Travis Bradberry, I’ve decided to summarize the main points, and give you the opportunity to rate yourself on the Emotional Intelligence scale.

The 13 habits that Bradberry suggests are these:
Ask Questions — this shows that you’re listening and that you care for the person.
Put Away Your Phone — this allows you to give your complete energy to the interaction with the person in front of you.
Be Genuine — it shows that you are trustworthy and confident in yourself, and makes you much more interesting to others.
Don’t Judge — be open-minded enough to let others be who they are so you can see the world through their eyes.
Don’t Seek Attention — it makes you look desperate, unfriendly and not confident in yourself.
Be Consistent — this makes you appear reliable. Even a bad-mood-day shouldn’t affect how you treat others.
Use Positive Body Language — welcome others into the conversation with direct eye contact, an enthusiastic tone of voice, and an open/positive stance and gestures.
Leave a Strong First Impression — practice these pointers in the first 7 seconds.
Greet People by Name — then say their names more than once in the conversation to remember them — it helps people feel validated.
Smile — this is the quickest and easiest way to get them to smile back, and relax in your company.
Learn When to Open Up — take time to know when it is appropriate to share personal issues and emotions.
Learn When and How to Touch — appropriate touching shows you care, and releases oxytocin which is associated with trust and positive feelings.
Balance Passion and Fun — have meaningful and socially effective interactions even while you work.
The Bottom Line is that being likeable makes you invaluable and unique, and contributes to harmony for everyone, including you.
So, how did you do? Are you another exceptionally likeable person?
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