Today’s Yarn Has a Lovely Hook


Yes, indeed! To be precise, if we unravel the stitches in this story , we will see that it involves not only volunteering, community, and loops of love, but also a well-used crochet hook.

The babies’ afghans, shown above, were crocheted by Allison Irwin, one of our beloved, long-time volunteers who has been with the Thrift Shops for Nova from the very beginning. Allison no longer works regular shifts at the shops, but still has her hands in the loop, so to speak. One of her activities at home, for example, is unravelling the wool from knitted and crocheted items that we cannot sell as easily as we can sell the yarn itself. These balls of yarn offer an interesting, and inexpensive alternative to our knitting and crocheting customers who may want only smaller amounts, or want a variety of weights and colours not readily available in traditional craft shops. Perhaps the yarn for the babies’ afghans came from this supply? Perhaps it didn’t? But one thing is sure: Each stitch was hooked to the next one with love.

Indeed, by unraveling this yarn further, we learn that Allison was instrumental in hiring the mother of these twin boys. Asma Shoaib has been a hard-working and valued volunteer at the Thrift Shops for Nova for over two years, and only earlier this year took a much-needed maternity break from her tasks in the linen department to focus on her pregnancy. This October 17th she gave birth to Aashir Ashraf and Asher Ashraf, the two lovely baby boys you see from left to right above.

And so the circle of love and community continues. One stitch at a time.

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