I’m Back — And I Have Great News!

Indeed I do!

Thanks to the tremendous work of our volunteers, and to the stupendous support of our donors and shoppers, we will be opening another Thrift Shops for Nova boutique!

dad with cyclamen Feb 2015 copy (2).jpg

And of course you know what that means: we need all of you even more! And you know that you’ve always wanted to be one of our volunteers! So, push up those sleeves and get on board!

Watch for details as they become available–we will be posting them in this brand new location, as well as in our existing boutiques:

43 Ste. Anne,       H9X 1L4               Main Store           514-457-1642
43 Ste. Anne,       H9X 1L4               Bookstore            514-457-1948
41-5 Ste. Anne,   H9X 1L4               Bargain Alley      514-505-1398
449 Beaconsfield Blvd. H9W 4C2                            514-694-8417
2750 St. Charles Blvd. H9H 3B6                               514-697-6692

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