Good Friday — Good Message


We’re in the business of making people happy!

A dear friend and co-volunteer sent me a very inspirational email this morning, with a message that I will keep in mind as I work my shift today: we at the Thrift Shops for Nova are in the business of making people happy!

As she said, we don’t always see the faces or hear the expressions, but we can be sure that they are there as proof positive of the good work we do. Indeed, we make it possible for a child to feel unchecked love for a “new” stuffed animal, or total joy from a cool pair of sneakers or hockey shirt; we help a mother feel pride in being able to buy her own cookware, or feel rejuvenated by a new outfit that helps lift her spirits; we allow a man to be enthralled at finding a vintage screwdriver or hammer. And the list goes on!

The customer who is in a woman’s shelter, and doesn’t have a lot of money, is overjoyed to be able to offer her child a new toy, or herself a new pair of shoes. When she receives our donated cosmetics, or visits the thrift shops with a few dollars in her pocket, she feels that we care.

When one of our many generous customers buys “stuffies” to donate to children who have been rushed to safety out of a troubled home, we can be sure we have spread happiness.

We acknowledge that we are actually privileged to be able to volunteer for such a worthy organization and to contribute to so much happiness. And we are thankful for it.

As this lovely volunteer’s husband often says, “I’m too blessed to complain.” Now isn’t that a nugget of truth! Whether or not it is a nougat-filled Easter egg.

On this Good Friday morning with the possibility of lovely blue skies and sunshine, I wish to pass on Susan’s wish to all: have a blessed Easter!

And keep on hopping!


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