Don’t Miss This Bounty!


Exceptionally, we in Ste. Anne de Bellevue are treating you to some wonderful treasures at bargain prices! Hooray!

And where do you suppose you’ll find them! Where else but The Bargain Alley! 😉

What we’re doing is combining our post-50%-off-clean-up with our own version of “Share the Wealth.” We’ve decided that the bargain alley — and you — could both be treated to some extra special inventory for a change. Why not? You deserve it. And this clear-out from the main store gives us room to display the new inventory that, thanks to our generous donors, is always coming in.

Above you’ll see some of the silver-plated items. How about scoring a lovely vintage tray (à la Downton Abbey) for serving guests at your summer garden party? Or what about the trendy new fashion of painting these delightful old pieces? Check out Pinterest for fabulous ideas. Here is one link to inspiration.

Across from this table are three other tables simply bursting with beautiful items worth much, much more than the 25 cents they will cost you! I don’t expect them to last long. What can I say? You snooze, you lose.

Doors open at 10:00 on Tuesday.



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