Our Mission

Throughout our organization, we adhere to four core values:

1. Caring: We serve with compassion and empathy

2. Respect: We treat all people with dignity and consideration

3. Participation: As team members we all work together in a helping relationship

4. Courage: We have the strength to be independent and unique

The Big Picture

  • Volunteers generously offer their time to the thrift shops — both in the stores and behind the scenes.
  • They receive and prepare generously donated goods from the community and offer them for sale in their respective locations.
  • The thrift shops welcome customers and assist them while shopping for goods.
  • The sales raise funds for the West Island Volunteer Health Support Foundation.
  • The foundation supports VON-NOVA West Island. (our charitable healthcare organization)
  • The efforts of the volunteers allow the thrift shops to raise and donate half a million dollars a year to VON-NOVA West Island.