About Us

The Thrift Shops for Nova Boutiques d’occasion pour NOVA operates 5 stores; two in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, one in Beaurepaire Village in Beaconsfield, one in Kirkland and one in Plaza Pointe Claire.

As a not-for-profit organization, we receive, from the community, generous donations of furniture, clothing, china, artwork, linens, and much more. We offer these items for sale in our thrift shops at very attractive prices. A portion of the donations we receive are also passed on to other charitable organizations for the needs of their communities.

Our thrift shops are operated entirely by dedicated volunteers under the name of Ste. Anne Volunteers Health Support Foundation/Fondation d’Entraide en Santé des Bénévole de Ste-Anne. The funds we raise from our sales allow us to answer an essential need, which is to promote and deliver quality community-based health care.

Our Values


We serve our community with compassion and empathy.


We treat all people with dignity and consideration.


Our team members work together in a helping relationship.


We have the strength to be independent and unique.

Our Mission

The Big Picture

  • Volunteers generously offer their time to the thrift shops — both in the stores and behind the scenes.
  • They receive and prepare generously donated goods from the community and offer them for sale in their respective locations.
  • The thrift shops welcome customers and assist them while shopping for goods.
  • The sales allow our foundation to support Nova Health West Island. (Our charitable healthcare organization.)
  • The efforts of the volunteers allow the thrift shops to raise and donate over half a million dollars a year to VON-NOVA West Island.

Our History

In 1998, inspired by the “charity thrift shops” in England, a West Island Elizabeth Parker along with a group of volunteers opened a Thrift Shop called “Le Coin des Trouvailles” on the main street of Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. In 2004, the Ste-Anne Volunteer Health Support Foundation was created and it has since received and sold donations of merchandise.

This gathering of more than 350 volunteers, including their Board members, has raised nearly $10,000,000 for NOVA West Island over the past 24 years. In turn, we were able to transform these funds into professional healthcare for the vulnerable people in our community.

Indeed, we are incredibly grateful to this major donor since our existence and our service offer has depended on their help for several years. Through them, we can respond to the changing needs of our aging population and support those requiring in-home cancer and ALS palliative care and support, not to mention the impact on our other programs.

Our Founder Elizabeth Parker

In 1998 I was volunteering at the Le Petit Cafe in Ste Anne de Bellevue, I was also active on their board of directors. This foundation had been raising funds for the VON for fifty years.

The president announced that the VON branch in Beaconsfield was having difficulty raising funds locally and if the situation didn’t improve they would not be able to pay their nurses.

Coming from England I offered to open a Thrift Shop. Any crisis in a small community in England would automatically galvanize the ladies into action.

The VON was approached with the idea and accepted our offer as long as it would not be expected to contribute.

Myself and another volunteer at the Cafe split the rent of a one room location on the Main Street in Ste Anne de Bellevue.

The Ladies of the auxiliary from Le Petit Cafe all contributed with donations of clothing and nick knacks and the Thrift Shop was born.

We were able to recoup the money we had personally laid out to start up in about 3 months.

We soon expanded into larger premises and this expansion continued over time. We now have 4 stores in different West Island locations.

Contributing over 10 million dollars to help the seniors in our community. This foundation is run entirely by volunteers.