C’est quoi les Boutiques d’occasion pour NOVA / What are the Thrift shops for NOVA?

pin for Nova

Il y a six adresses pour nos boutiques. Sauf pour les lundis, celles-ci sont ouvertes au public tous les jours, entre 10h00 et 16h00.

Les dons peuvent être déposés dans toutes les boutiques. (Prière de nous contacter avant toute livraison de meubles). Nous vous exprimons notre reconnaissance. Sachez que sans vous, il nous serait impossible de contribuer au bien-être de la population.

Vêtements usagés pour toute la famille, vaisselle, articles pour cuisine, bijoux, chaussures, livres et documents usagés, CD, DVD, casse-tête, cadres, toiles, cartes de vœux, etc.


The Thrift Shops for Nova West Island/Boutiques d’occasion pour NOVA are six stores: three in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, one in Beaurepaire Village in Beaconsfield, one in Kirkland and our newest one in Plaza Pointe Claire.

As a not-for-profit organization, we receive, from the community, generous donations of furniture, clothing, china, artwork, linens, and much more. We offer these items for sale in our thrift shops at very attractive prices. A portion of the donations we receive are also passed on to other charitable organizations for the needs of their communities.

Our thrift shops are operated entirely by dedicated Nova volunteers under the name of Ste. Anne Volunteers Health Support Foundation/Fondation d’Entraide en Santé des Bénévole de Ste-Anne. The funds we raise from our sales allow us to answer an essential need, which is to promote and deliver quality community-based health care.

Throughout our organization, we adhere to four core values:

Caring: We serve with compassion and empathy

Respect: We treat all people with dignity and consideration

Participation: As team members we all work together in a helping relationship

Courage: We have the strength to be independent and unique


The Big Picture

  • Volunteers generously offer their time to the thrift shops — both in the stores and behind the scenes.
  • They receive and prepare generously donated goods from the community and offer them for sale in their three locations.
  • The thrift shops welcome customers and entice them to buy their goods.
  • The sales raise funds for the West Island Volunteer Health Support Foundation.
  • The foundation supports VON-NOVA West Island. (our charitable healthcare organization)
  • The efforts of the volunteers allow the thrift shops to raise and donate half a million dollars a year to VON-NOVA West Island.


Our Role as Volunteers

“A responsible exercise in merchandising and caring.”

In a nutshell, this describes the role of our volunteers.

Let’s analyze those words carefully, and see how much sense they make, and how crucial they are to our noble cause, which is to raise funds for health care in the community.

Most of us were “hired” for a three-hour shift once or twice a week to fulfill a very important function. Yes, many of us do much more than this minimum, but for all of us, it can be summarized quite simply as helping to receive, sort, display, and sell goods to the community.

To achieve that end, we need donationscustomers, attractive display areas, welcoming efficient sales staff.

If we break that down further, it’s obvious that

— the community must know we exist so that they have the option to donate their goods.

customers must know that we have a terrific variety of products at great prices so that they will come into the shops and buy our goods.

volunteers in the back must have the good judgement, energy and stamina to prepare the goods for the shelves.

volunteers in the store must have the skills and be available to greet the public in a gracious, welcoming way so that they will want to support our cause with their purchases.

all volunteers must be caring of both the customer and our cause, safe-guarding our space and our products with a friendly vigilance.

“A responsible exercise in merchandising and caring.”

Responsible — We are not there to socialize, or to find bargains, or to judge others. We have committed to this job so we must prove that we are doing it to the best of our abilities, and that we are professional and reliable.

Exercise — It can be exhausting work, even though it is not always hard. Like exercise, it demands that we be focused, make an effort and meet the full expectations of the task we have accepted. Like exercise, it can also be fun, but that is not our sole purpose for being there.

Merchandising — The bottom line is that in order to get the funds for health care services, we need goods, customers and sales. If we fall short on any of these three, quite simply, we will fail.

Caring — To keep the cycle going, and to keep our work place warm and wonderful, we must care — for our superiors, for our colleagues, for our customers and for ourselves.


We look forward to reading your comments.

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