Yeah for Half-Price!

I do believe this speaks for itself, folks! ūüôā And, our usual¬†advice still applies:¬†Be there early for some¬†hurly burly! And, as usual, we really appreciate it when you are¬†polite to each other and to us. ūüôā And, as usual, all proceeds go to NOVA WEST ISLAND.

You’ll Be in the Pink!

I’ve just received word of an upcoming sale in our Ste. Anne de Bellevue boutique ¬†— a¬†¬†special just for Valentine’s-week! And just for you! It begins on February 7th and continues for a full week. Selected winter coats and jackets will have special luvvy-duvy tags to indicate that they are 1/2 price! Now isn’t thatContinue reading “You’ll Be in the Pink!”

La Rentrée!

It’s that time of year again and admiring¬†the¬†Ste. Anne de Bellevue store front window will surely remind¬†you that¬†there are many purchases on the horizon. Alas,¬†¬†everything costs so much! But, hold on¬†a minute. We know that you are wise and thrifty shoppers¬†who want the most for your money, so¬†we expect to see you soon in oneContinue reading “La Rentr√©e!”