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Summer 2016 Newsletter

Summer Time

Sizzling Summer

Elizabeth Parker — President — Thrift Shops for Nova West Island

It is now upon us: Mid July Madness!

High temperatures (tempers) and humidity have replaced that drawn-out period that was our long-awaited spring. Whew!

In these conditions, and at this time of the year, holidays are on all of our agendas. Either we have been away already, or we are scrambling to get away soon. The important thing is that we enjoy a change from the usual routine. Indeed, not everyone has to “take to the hills.” Maybe, for you, it is  just relaxing at home.  Whatever your passion is, though, be sure to indulge yourself in a well-deserved break.

If you are getting away, may you keep safe in all your journeys. Have fun times with your family and friends. And most importantly, enjoy this gift of a few months without the  boots, and coats and various trappings of our Canadian climate. Indeed, soon enough we will be reluctantly closing up the cottages, putting away our boats, and covering our precious perennials in the garden!

In the volunteer business too, getting into winter is no small matter. So please relax as much as possible while you can. We look forward to returning to routine together in the fall.


All Dressed Up And Ready For An Adventure

Reta Reid — Ste. Anne de Bellevue — Craft Section

The Dollies Find a New Home

I thought this story would be of interest to our readers.

After noticing that some of the dolls in our thrift shop were not selling, I decided to take them to long-serving and much-valued volunteer, Allison Irwin. She, in turn, gave them to the ladies craft club at Kirkland Manor. The talented women there had a great time cleaning them; knitting and sewing new clothes for them; and then dressing them in their fancy finery. The next step is adoption. These dolls will travel to the women’s shelter to help bring smiles to the faces of the little ones there.

Now isn’t that a heart-warming story!


Thank You For The Treasures And Much More

Ann Robinson — Administrative Assistant — NOVA West Island

A perfect afternoon for me is to spend an hour of two in one of the three Thrift Shops for NOVA. For just a few dollars, I almost always leave the shop with a bag full of treasures! From clothing, to knick-knacks, furniture, housewares, jewelry and books! The shops have something for everyone, including many unique items you won’t find anywhere else. I even found a gold bracelet which my husband purchased for me as an anniversary gift! I also regularly donate my gently used items for others to enjoy.

All in all, it’s a “win-win” situation: all of the money made from your purchases and donations are in turn given to NOVA Health to assist us in providing palliative cancer care, foot care, bereavement and home health services to the West Island community.

Most amazing is that the Thrift Shops are operated entirely by volunteers, whether running the day-to-day operations, sorting and pricing donations, or assisting customers, they do it all from the heart, and always with a welcoming smile!

As a NOVA Health staff member and Thrift Shops patron, I wish to thank you so much for all you do. I am so very proud to be associated with two such wonderful, caring and giving organizations!

Ninety-One and Counting

Betty Wingfield Celebrates Her 91st Birthday

Volunteers may relocate but they also keep in touch with their friends in the Montreal area. Brenda Kelly, who works in the Beaurepaire furniture store, kindly sent in this recent news and photo of Betty Wingfield,  who also used to work in the Beaurepaire furniture store. Perhaps some of our shoppers also remember this wonderful and dedicated volunteer.

Betty is now living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and has just celebrated her 91st birthday.

Happy Birthday, Betty!  Congratulations!


A Sampling of My Fabulous Finds

Catherine J. Bugdale– Administrative Assistant — NOVA West Island

We’re So Lucky

Whether you’re getting your first apartment, redecorating, or shopping for a friend, the first place to look for affordable pieces is the Thrift Shops for NOVA.  I have not only furnished most of my apartment with finds from the Beaurepaire furniture Thrift Shop, but  also found pieces for my twin sister that are classic and beautiful. Just take a look above to see some of what I have found.

 P.S.  When I retire, I want to work at one  of the Thrift Shops for NOVA


A Lighthouse on Anticosti Island and Ties at Eaton’s

Such an Interesting Life

We recently had  a delightful visit with Mr. Ross Pope and his 11 year-old cat, Felix. When we first visited, they had been in their newest digs for only a month, but this did not prevent Ross from being a gracious host, and serving us a cup of good strong  black coffee. While sipping on the brew, we chatted about his interesting life of 84 years.

Ross comes from an adventurous family, and he himself has done his best to keep up the tradition. Like his mother, who changed homes 19 times in 53 years, Ross has lived in at least 7 different towns since his birth in Lachine,  and has now, once again, returned to settle in his birth town. He and his wife met rather late in life and had no children. This is in contrast with father’s father who had had ten children, all of whom had been born in and lived in a lighthouse The Lighthouse on Anticosti Island. Anticosti Island Quebec

Though Ross has been a widow for about three years, he is looking forward to celebrating his and his wife’s 50th wedding anniversary with his residence-friends this September.  “She would have done the same thing,” he told me, adding that they had had a lovely life together. They both worked at Eaton’s in Montreal: Evelyne was serving as a nurse, while Ross was helping the gents find ties and pants and shirts and suits in the men’s department. Ross worked there for 40 years. He recalled with a smile how “very good-quality ties cost only one dollar while today they can be over a hundred dollars!”

In his spare time over the years, Ross has delighted in many different activities. One which pleasantly surprised me was that he had regularly sewn dresses for his wife, having picked up the skills from his mother-in-law. In fact, the day I visited, he had been in the process of hemming some drapes that he had been making for his bedroom window. “The sun makes it really hot in there!” I learned that he has also dabbled in flower arranging for a florist–just for the fun of it, and to learn something new. Another hobby that I saw evidence of was his woodworking, which he learned in a woodcarving course in Dorval. The two pieces shown above are examples of this beautiful handiwork. And finally, of course, the reason we know about Ross Pope is that he also spent time in our Beaurepaire furniture store, as a volunteer for Thrift Shops for NOVA.

Before I said goodbye, Mr. Pope also shared with me that he loves cruises, and in fact, is dreaming of maybe one day doing another: a river cruise in Europe.

Retirement and senior years have certainly not translated into boredom for this elderly gentleman.


Marie-France Juneau


Information: 514-695-8335 

We are a not-for-profit community-based healthcare organization that takes care of vulnerable people in 16 municipalities at no or minimal cost through these different programs: Palliative Home Nursing for individuals living with cancer/ALS, Bereavement Support for children and adults, Adult Day Centres for seniors with cognitive deficits, Home Support and Foot Care. You can help NOVA help the community in many ways, including attending the following fundraising activities. For more information visit us online or give us a call!

Nous sommes un organisme communautaire de soins de santé à but non lucratif offrant différents programmes gratuitement ou à un coût minime aux personnes vulnérables dans 16 municipalités, tels que : soins infirmiers à domicile aux patients vivant avec le cancer/SLA; soutien pour enfants et adultes endeuillés; centres de jour pour personnes âgées avec déficits cognitifs; soutien à domicile et soins de pieds. Aidez NOVA en participant aux activités de collecte de fonds suivantes. Pour plus d’information, consultez notre site web ou communiquez avec nous.

Fritz Community Centre / Centre communautaire Fritz

20477 Lakeshore, Baie d’Urfé, H9X 1R3

Sunday, August 7th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. / Dimanche, le 7 août de 10 h à 16 h

Beaconsfield Golf Club / Club de golf Beaconsfield

49 Golf Avenue, Pointe-Claire, H9N 4N6

Monday, August 15th from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. / Lundi, le 15 août de 10 h à 21 h

Homestyle Bakery & Black Lion Pub

445 Beaconsfield Blvd, Beaconsfield, H9W 4C2

Tuesday, September 20th from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. / Mardi, le 20 septembre de 7h30 à 10h30

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