Plaza Pointe Claire!

Yes, I mentioned it on Facebook, but forgot to tell you about it here on the blog. (I don’t know where the last two and a half months went, but they have definitely flown by!)


In any case, if you have been wondering, yes, our newest store opened on October 31st. And, as everyone says, “It is beautiful!” If you haven’t yet visited, well, I think it is about time. And then you, too, will know what everyone is talking about.

Find us where the Royal Bank used to call home: Plaza Pointe Claire, 269 Saint-Jean Blvd, H9R 3J1

And if you are interested, we always need willing, able and dedicated volunteers — at all of our Thrift Shops for Nova. This is especially true now — flu season is on the rise, and snow birds are on the wing, leaving us with many vacancies to fill.

Please call us at any of our Thrift Shops for Nova and leave us your name and contact information.

Plaza Pointe Claire:
269 Saint-Jean Blvd,   H9R 3J1,                                     514-697-8457
43 Ste. Anne,       H9X 1L4               Main Store           514-457-1642
43 Ste. Anne,       H9X 1L4               Bookstore            514-457-1948
41-5 Ste. Anne,   H9X 1L4               Bargain Alley      514-505-1398
449 Beaconsfield Blvd. H9W 4C2                            514-694-8417
2750 St. Charles Blvd. H9H 3B6                               514-697-6692

Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you soon.



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