What Do Our Sorters Do?

The sorters in the back rooms are a well-oiled machine, decorated with a splash of colourful chaos.

As such, we are ready for the challenge of receiving almost any type of donated goods you can provide us with. Indeed, we do everything possible to see these much-appreciated items go out to our customers ASAP. That is our goal.

Under normal circumstances, when your donations are in good condition, the turn-around time from you to the buyer is speedy and efficient, requiring almost no “re-conditioning.”  We may do a little cleaning, laundering or minor repairs to make the items attractive, but due to time constraints we must keep this to a minimum. So when we deem it necessary,  we pass on items to other charities. We value our customers and want all our products to be customer-worthy.

This picture, though, is quite a bit different after the time of our half-price sales.  That is indeed a sight to behold!

Early, on the Monday mornings after our 50% off weekends, when the stores are closed, a team of exhausted volunteers moves in and gets to work! In the case of clothing, we clear out at lot of the end-of-season stock that hasn’t sold at half-price and move the items over to the bargain alley at drastically reduced prices (50 cents!) or send them on to other charities. Then we bring out closets-full of newly prepared items for your selection.

In other departments too, we change the sticker to indicate the new half/or lower price. or give them a second life in Ste. Anne’s bargain alley. This is the case for many of our silver-plated pieces. How about a fancy, $2.00 silver-plated tea-pot to hang in your garden as a bird-house? Or a bundle of silver-plated cutlery to make a lovely wind-chime? The options for crafty people are endless!

The goal is a transformation of our boutiques for Tuesday’s door-opening at 10:00.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the work associated with major holidays like Halloween and Christmas.